Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Top 5 Business Video Translation Tips for Your Next Strategy

Video marketing statistics suggest that more and more brands will win customers through videos. Users will be fed up with this format very soon (if not already), so try to surprise them with the help of translation and localization of video. This is an exciting activity, in which there is a whole bunch of difficulties. The perception of the video by the audience largely depends on the translator, so this matter is highly responsible.

Online transcription

Transcription is the process of converting information from a video format into a text version. Such translation is carried out mainly by programs that provide transcribing services. Their task is to translate speech into a written format qualitatively: edit sentences, remove parasitic words, and pauses, build logical sentences following the requirements of the language, etc. Difficulties may arise associated with poor sound quality or the participation of several people in a conversation at once.

Video Localization Specialist

A localization expert will perform an entire cycle of work on localizing video materials: transcribing business video materials, translating, dubbing, as well as replacing titles while preserving the original video file format. Retitling and replacing graphics in the video is one of the main components of video localization. It increases the perception of the material and gives the whole project a sense of completeness. If finances allow, the human translation service comes in handy. It is worth offering professional translation and voice-over services by native speakers for any business tasks that cooperate only with professionals with extensive experience and guarantee that the result will be the highest.

Subtitle adapting

Start by adding subtitles to videos in your native language. Thanks to them, you will expand the channel's reach because they allow viewers to read instead of listening. This is a great way out for viewers with hearing impairments and people who watch the business video in a noisy place or do not have the opportunity to turn on the sound. Then you can translate subtitles into other languages. With them, foreign viewers will be able to watch your videos comfortably. Translated video titles and descriptions will increase channel views for viewers who speak other languages because such titles and descriptions are better indexed in search results.

Optimize screen text

Most users watch videos on social media in silent mode, which is changing how marketers create videos. The text in the business video allows you to immediately show the viewer what the video will be about and keep their attention longer. According to research, videos with text get 40% more views than videos without it. In addition, adding text to the video makes it accessible to everyone. After all, about 350 million people worldwide are deprived of the opportunity to hear.

Make sure the translated text is large enough to be readable on smaller screens but doesn't overlap the background. If necessary, break it into two smaller texts. It is good if the color and font of the text match your brand. The font should not be too pretentious so as not to attract too much attention. The color should stand out well against the background. The text should not obscure important elements in the video (such as the person or thing being talked about). You can arrange the text "around" a critical element, breaking it into parts, or a strip in front of the video.


Remember, when viewers from different countries find your video, you must do everything so that they return to it again and again. Translation of one business video is a good idea. Still, it is better to release and translate a series of videos, and in the future - to put the translation process on a regular basis! The expansion of the channel to the international level, when viewers worldwide find it exciting and valuable for themselves, will form a global audience and grow in popularity. And this is already a much more incredible opportunity for your earnings.

Final Words

If you are not yet promoting your brand on social networks or YouTube, don't put it off until tomorrow; create a captivating video right now. Moreover, it does not require much time and effort. Describe the company's advantages, tell about a curious fact from your field of activity, share important news, and create a helpful checklist. Use video marketing opportunities to the fullest.

Delilah Anderson works as a freelance content writer. Delilah is a writer, runner, and SEO strategist. Delilah's superpower is eternal curiosity.