ADC Media

ADC Media
THERE IS A REASON THAT ADC HAS LONG BEEN REGARDED AS THE LEADING CAPTURERS of the most legendary faces and brands in media and American culture.

Born in 1998 from the deep personal and professional relationship between renowned photographers Alberto Tolot and Carlo Dalla Chiesa, ADC’s decades-spanning expertise in branding and imaging has revolutionized the production landscape by consistently producing bold, high-end campaigns and videos for international brands and cultural phenomena while continuing to attract top-tier clients and relationships that few studios could ever imagine.

From Angelina Jolie to Lady Gaga, Porsche to Pepsi - the brightest of stars and the most legendary brands have turned to ADC to manage their images and campaigns. In 2010, ADC partnered with Tyra Banks and Ken Mok/10x10 Entertainment to produce the fashion, photography, video, and finale segments of the international pop-culture juggernaut and television smash hit America’s Next Top Model. This partnership elevated another renowned brand into a whole new realm of production value.

In today’s media environment, production companies are a dime a dozen. Only a select few have consistently impressed and improved the body of work and overall image for studios, brands, and stars alike. This can only happen when relationships are built on trust, collaboration, and a deeper sense of personal and professional commitment between client and a dedicated production team.

ADC has carefully nurtured long-standing and high-profile relationships and has steadily, and carefully, grown into the tried-and-true production experts in numerous industries covering multiple platforms.

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