Advanced Digital Services

For the past twenty years and with more than 270 active clients, ADS (Advanced Digital Services) has been delivering customer service excellence to every major motion picture studio, advertising agency, television studio, cable and ‘COD walk-ins’. ADS provides unsurpassed, around-the-clock video and audio services, including duplication, physical and electronic distribution, digital encoding, standards conversion, new media support, restoration, color correction, editing, video-over-IP streaming, internet-based content management systems and editorial services.

Operating in a state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot MPAA-inspected facility in the center of Hollywood, ADS is amongst the few world-class studios that support more than 200 media formats and has dozens of best practices in delivering digital media services.

ADS employs many of the industry’s most highly skilled personnel with vast experience and knowledge. In addition to top-notch people, ADS also maintains a wide array of post-production equipment capable of handling a variety of projects. From cutting-edge 2K/4K, IPTV and advanced codec systems to the largest supply of legacy audio and video machines that support near-obsolete formats, ADS has the breadth and scope of resources to complete time-sensitive jobs, no matter its size, on-time and on-budget.

ADS with a commitment to service, quality and value excellence, continues to build on its steadfast pledge to being the best digital services company in the industry. The company continually invests in its personnel and equipment and is well provisioned to deliver advanced digital media services to any client and in any volume, now and in the future. Backed by these long-term investments, a forward-looking commitment to technology innovation coupled with a relentless culture of self-improvement toward better workflow and best-practice efficiencies, ADS can ensure its customers are protected from pricing fluctuations caused by vulnerable market conditions or demand spikes.

Video Services
HD Video Duplication
♦ Standards Conversion
♦ Up-Down / Cross Conversions
♦ Captions / Subtitles
♦ 100% QC
♦ HDCAM-SR / HDCam / D5 / DVCProHD / HDV
♦ SONY SRW 5800 - 3D
♦ Program Tracking & Verification Encoding
♦ Forensic Watermarking

HD Video Editing and Color Correction
♦ Final Cut & Avid Edit Bays
♦ Linear Editing
♦ Video Pan & Scan
♦ DaVinci Resolve Color Correction
♦ Archangel Digital Restoration

New Media Video Services
HD Video Encoding
♦ Apple Pro Res
♦ 2D / 3D DCP's
♦ J2K's
♦ h.264
♦ Flash / Quicktime (.mov)
♦ MPEG-2 / MPEG-4
♦ Sequence Files: .dpx / .tiff / .tga
♦ AVI / Windows Media
♦ HD Fiber & Satellite Transmission
♦ Smart Jog
♦ Aspera / Signiant / FTP
♦ Web Streaming - ADSX Secure Screening Room

Encoding Services
Encoding / Packaging / Distribution
♦ Broadcast Networks
♦ Cable Networks
♦ TV Spot Distribution

Online Streaming Sites -
Including but not limited to:
♦ iTunes ♦ NetFlix
♦ Hulu ♦ Amazon
♦ You Tube ♦ Veoh
♦ Flixster ♦ Vudu
♦ Vimeo ♦ Joost
♦ Crackle ♦ MovieFlix

Video Encoders
♦ Digital Rapids
♦ Clipster
♦ Final Cut Pro
♦ Sonic Scenarist

Other Services
♦ MTI - Digital Restoration
♦ ProTools HD Audio Suite
♦ Audio Restoration & Layback
♦ Dolby "E" Encoding / Decoding
♦ Blu-Ray & DVD Authoring, Duplication
and Replication
♦ Legacy Format Record and Playback Support
♦ Video: D1 / D2 / D3 / DCT / BCSP / 1"C NTSC & PAL / VHS / MII / 2" Quad
♦ Audio: 1/4" / Audio Cassette / DAT /MAG / DA-88 & 98

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948 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90038
Phone Numbers
(323) 468-2200 main
(323) 468-2211 fax

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