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Aerial Stunt Service is a team of skydivers, aviators, and parachute riggers led by aerial stunt coordinator and four time world champion camera flyer, Joe Jennings.

Our mission: To coordinate, choreograph, safely perform, and film dynamic skydiving stunts, to give every project our very best, and to raise the bar in our craft.

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Joe Jennings
Cinematographer, Aerial Stunt Coordinator / Consultant - SAG
Skydiving Cinematography with helmet mounted Red EPIC camera
US Parachute Association Master License and Professional Exhibition Rating.
4 times world champion camera flyer.

My work
I skydive with motion picture cameras for films, television, and commercials. I also help my clients coordinate skydivers, aircraft, riggers, and locations.

Competitive Experience
I believe my most valuable asset is the ability to fly the camera aggressively and safely. Most of my 10,000 sky dives were dedicated to training as a camera flyer for skysurfing meets where the camera flyer's performance is scored along with the skysurfer's score. During that time I learned to fly in 3D while maintaining a smooth and well framed image.

Skydiving Stunt performers
To film any action sport, like surfing, skiing, or motocross, its best to find trained athletes who have the skills required to safely perform the action.

So I fly with a team of terrific skydivers, men and women who have won world championship titles in a variety of disciplines. They're jumpers who are comfortable in flight, handle pressure well, and gracefully perform even the most difficult maneuvers. Overall, their abilities in the air add greatly to the value of my work.

Skydiving Disciplines:

Formation Skydivers
Sky Surfers
Vertical and Freestyle Skydivers
Wing Suit Flyers
BASE wingsuit flyers
B.A.S.E jumpers
Canopy Pilots
Parachute Swoopers
Accuracy Landing Specialists
Speed Skydivers
Smoke Jumpers
Military Jumpers
HALO skydivers

Skydiving Objects:

In 1995, I began to explore skydiving with cars. We wanted to find ways to keep the cars flying wheels to earth so that skydivers could ride them in freefall. Ultimately, we filmed some incredible action with skydivers seated in convertibles for a minute of free fall.

The project led to a variety of other challenges, free fall living rooms, falling bathrooms, motorcycles, bicycles, recliners, trucks, ATVs, even pianos!

I've filmed more than a hundred cars and trucks, and at least 200 objects. It taught me a lot about fluid dynamics and how things fall. Over time, as a camera flyer, I've developed a sense of what objects will do in the sky, and how to capture them on the way.

If you've read this far, thank you! And please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project. Whether or not I contract a job, I'm always happy to advise.

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