Alchemy Studios

Alchemy Studios
EXPANDED SERVICES: CEO Glenn Hetrick has evolved his Optic Nerve Fx Inc. into a new, even more dynamic and comprehensive version of the traditional Fx Lab, in order to meet the sophisticated demands of his client base in the ever changing landscape of modern cinematic art. In addition to Prosthetics, Alchemy Studios is now focusing on cutting edge technological advances in: Materials, Digital Concept Design, 3D Printing, Specialty "Superhero" Suits, Props, and VFX/CGI Post Production Integration. The possibilities are literally limitless, allowing us to provide a fully synthesized experience for all your production needs.

RELIABLE, AWARD-WINNING QUALITY: Alchemy Studios is known throughout the industry for its Innovative Craftsmanship and Dependable Professionalism. Alchemy has developed a rock solid reputation for bringing top quality work in on time and on budget - every time! As Optic Nerve, the studio was awarded the Emmy Award for "OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKE-UP FOR A SERIES" for BABYLON 5, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and THE X-FILES, and was nominated an additional nine times.

PERSISTENCE OF VISION: Alchemy's in-house team includes every type of artist required to service all of your special effects needs from start to finish - including designers, project managers, on set technicians, SAG puppeteers and 706 Union Make-up Artists. Alchemy is one of the only true "full service" special effects studios in the entire industry! With an intense focus on client relations, Alchemy's continual 24-7 communication with critical Production Staff allows the studio to keep its fingers on the pulse of the quickly fluctuating demands of high quality projects. That practice, coupled with intuitive design and production process ensures that Alchemy successfully fosters an environment conducive to accurately developing your precise vision into three-dimensional reality.

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9818 Glenoaks Blvd.
Sun Valley, California 91352
Phone Numbers
(818) 771-1007 main
(818) 771-1009 fax

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