All Effects Company, Inc.

Allfx, Inc. creates special effects for high visibility film productions and television commercials. Starting in 1983, Eric Allard has lead All Effects Company to be a recognized leader. Allfx, Inc. employs the finest craftsmen in the industry to create effects sought after by top producers and directors in T.V. and film.

Eric Allard enjoys a solid reputation as the creator of a wide range of live action special effects including:
Johnny 5, the robot created for the film Short Circuit
The famous Energizer Bunny. Eric designed, built, and brought the original bunny to life in over 100 commercials.
World class special effects in myriad films, including Demolition Man, Alien Resurrection, Stuart Little, and The Matrix Reloaded
Creatures such as the Zuni Doll in Trilogy of Terror II and animatronics for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
TV Series such as Max Headroom and Alien Nation

From creating illusions that thrill discriminating audiences to developing new patented robotic locomotion technology, Eric Allard is up to the task.

We at Allfx, Inc. seek projects that test our mettle. We are highly motivated, heavily equipped, incredibly mobile, extremely creative, and always available for one project at a time. Do you have a challenge for us?

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5440 Tujunga Ave., Ste. 1217
North Hollywood, California 91601
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