AllStar Production Motorhome - Best Rates

AllStar Production Motorhome - Best Rates
Best rates, beautiful motorhome, great service, friendly drivers, and did I mention Best Rates.

AllStar Production Motorhome provides a luxury production Motorhome, designed with function in mind.
2 entry doors makes for easy entrance and exit of the motorhome without disturbing other departments.
3 clearly separate areas for Client/Photo, Hair and Makeup, and Stylist (Wardrobe) that increase ease and efficiency of work.
A large wardrobe area in the rear that will accommodate 6+ racks of clothes and a separate (2 seat) Hair and Makeup area means that Stylists won’t be sharing an area. These spaces decrease the time each department needs to get talent ready, because they have room to work, so production is increased along with positive work attitudes.

Why pay more to someone else when you can get a high end, luxury production motorhome and impress your clients for less.
For our repeat customers, we have flexible rates to help meet your budget because we know not every job is the same.
Flat rates are available for those that want to make estimates to clients easier without going over budget on shoot day.

We have traveled as far as Utah for productions and are willing to go where you need us to be for your shoot.

Contact us now to schedule your next shoot.
Redondo Beach, California
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