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We dreamt of rounding up a fleet of vehicles: cars, trucks, and vans and make them available for rent in just ONE place. We envisioned providing professional and average drivers convenience in a snap.That lone businessman who needed a vehicle to explore the city while navigating to his meeting; that college student who needed a truck to move his furniture to a new apartment across town; or maybe that husband who required a van to take his wife and kids on a fun weekend fishing trip; we wanted to give them a place to rent a vehicle whenever they needed it. Avon was born out of this vision.We understand the role YOU play in our business. Unlike other rental companies, visiting Avon means you are more than just a passing face. You are part of our family. And like family, we take care of you and know you by name. We think about your needs. Our fleet of vehicles come in different models. You’ll find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and requirements. We make it easy for you. Avon is located in three easy-to-find spots in Southern California: Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.After 36 years in the business, our vision remains the same: to provide accessible rental vehicles for our customers, our family. What started as a humble vision, a dream, transformed into one of the largest privately owned and independently operated vehicle rental services in the country.

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7080 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90038
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