Berkeley Avenue Productions

Created in the summer of 2002, Berkeley Avenue Productions has quickly grown from a simple collection of lights and grip equipment, to a full service production company. Berkeley Avenue has been showcased on independent features, music videos, commercials and industrials.

At Berkeley Avenue Productions, we strive to offer the right equipment regardless of the size of your production. In addition to location equipment, we have a fully functional photography stage, complete with grip and lighting gear, makeup and hair tables, craft service area and more!

Here at Berkeley Avenue Productions, we strive to make customer service our first priority, whether it's a great price or providing you with great gear. We also are proud to let you know we offer evening and weekend pick-ups and drop-offs at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Don't want to spend all day going from one side of town to the other? Don't want to sit in 5 o'clock traffic hoping to make it before the place is closed? Well don't! Call us and let us know you want to come after traffic hour or for that emergency on the weekend! Here at Berkeley Avenue Productions, we are here to serve YOU!

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155 W. Washington Blvd.
Ste. 650
Los Angeles, California 90015
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