Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn
Black Unicorn is a premier brand of digital, gyro-stabilized heads and cranes that offer industry-leading power, speed and ease of use.

We offer sales and full-service rentals. Brought to the United States in 2018, our technology — designed by expert craftsmen to be compatible with all the latest cameras — can handle whatever a film professional throws at it, from high-speed chases to Arctic frost.

The popular Black Unicorn Head can work with most rigs, its refined direct-drive motors quiet enough to work on studio dollies and jibs but also reliable enough to keep you filming in the harshest weather. And our smart, fast balancing system lets the user deploy a new lens in just minutes, ensuring you never miss that one perfect shot.

Pair our head with the Black Unicorn Crane for unparalleled stabilization. While in motion, our crane absorbs carrier movements independently from the boom, ensuring sublime video at speeds of up to 112 mph and a height of 26 feet. A load capacity of 265 lbs makes it suitable for 3D rigs, and the ability to swap out boom sections in under an hour means more time filming and less time setting up.

Interested? Call us at +1-818-748-9778 and visit our website at

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