XM2 Pursuit

XM2 Pursuit
Pursuit Aviation has a true passion for aerial cinematography. Our team of highly trained stunt pilots, aerial coordinators, and cinematographers of the sky have countless feature/television credits,
and most importantly an excellent safety record. We offer a multitude of turnkey production, aerial, and technical services from concept to completion in a mindful budget conscious manner to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s chasing a car or chasing the sun, we can coordinate the exact helicopter camera movements with the Aerial DP to support a Director in achieving his or her creative vision from the air.

Services Offered:

SAG & Motion Picture Pilots Association (MPPA) Qualified Pilots with 20+ years’ experience on set
Approved FAA Motion Picture Manual
State-of-the-art Production-Ready Helicopters for use as Camera Ships or Picture Ships
Shotover K1 and F1 6-axis Gyro-Stabilized Camera Systems with open platform design for use with most any camera and lens combination
Large inventory of in-house camera and lens options (including RED, Arri, and Phantom 4K)
Fleet of Vintage Warbirds for on-camera stunts and period pictures
Aerial Directors of Photography
Aerial Coordination
Specialties: High Altitude, Low Altitude, Surveillance, Fast Rope Operations, External Load Operations, Air-to-Air formations, On-camera Stunts

Contact Information:

Phone: 818-849-6500
Email: 411@pursuitaviation.com

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16143 Waterman Drive
Van Nuys, California 91406
Phone Numbers
818-849-6500 main
(877) 272-4764 fax

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