CGLA Studios

CGLA Studios
CGLA works with the biggest in television entertainment with data and social integration in graphic design. CGLA Studios provides Character Generator Motion Design, Ross XPression Rentals and our Award-Winning Live Social Media Platform, and CG Social for Live Viewer participation on social platforms.

Our social media integration solution for live television shows utilize state-of-the-art 3D graphics that output your Twitter, Instagram (video/photos), and Facebook feed instantly on air.

Large Green or White Screen Stage with Cyclorama wall for rent. Reality Show interviews, Music Video effects shots, live webcasts & photography. Contact us for more details.

* Available 24hrs / 7 days per week
* Pre-lit Hard Green Cyc
30' by 20', 14.5 ft high, 20 ft draw
* 2 changing rooms
* 6, 4 foot 4 Bank Kino Flo's (included)
* 2, 2 foot 4 Bank Kino Flo's (included)
* Make up area
* High Speed WiFi
* 2 Bathrooms
* Air Conditioning
* Parking with ground level access to Studio
* Grip equipment available

Virtual set design and production (with camera tracking)

Graphic design and broadcast character generator rentals for television shows throughout North America.

CG Systems Rentals:
*Ross Xpression 3D HD 4K Motion Graphics System
*Chyron Mosaic XL
*Avid HD Deko 3000
5353 Denny Ave.
Ste. A
North Hollywood, California 91601
Phone Numbers
(310) 770-0295 main
(818) 363-0219 fax

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