Concierge COVID Testing

Concierge COVID Testing
Ultra short-notice service in SoCal. ****NOW AVAILABLE: 30-MIN rapid PCR and POOLING tests****

---What makes us stand out?

---Constant and seamless communication and coordination with the UPM, CCO, Producer(s) and
PA(s) resulting in an intelligent, controlled, well-organized, and swift testing process.

---It’s not about getting the Rapid Test results in 10min and PCR results the same day. That’s pretty
much the current industry-leading standard. We do that too. What’s more important is obtaining all crew/cast info (name, DOB, email) ahead of time and pre-filling the forms, so only a quick signature is obtained during testing, resulting in under a 20-second per-test interaction thus testing up to 50 people in 20 minutes or less, so you can have more daylight to shoot.

---Coming out to the homes of talent who cannot make it to the set and, while there, acting in a
professional, concierge manner (no selfies, no star-struck behavior, no nonsense.)

---Being nimble and conformable, available on ultra-short notice, adaptable to sudden changes in
schedule and/or personnel.

---Having our principals involved in ALL stages of the process, making sure our clients are happy,
inevitable snafus are handled promptly, and productive relationships are forged.

---Our job is to make your job easier and safer and we are very good at what we do!

---In this competitive industry of ours, we will match/beat our competitors' rates, yet provide superior value and service.

Call Ely, the main principal, directly at (818)370-7222 for a prompt solution.

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Beverly Hills, California
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