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Dapper Cadaver
Dapper Cadaver prop house offers the finest death-related props, medical props, scientific props, haunted house and Halloween props, animal props and oddities. We take pride in manufacturing and stocking the most realistic, high quality props available. Many of our props are either life cast or real items put aside for prop use. We also produce custom props in-house and wholesale our own product line. Most of our props are available for rental as well as purchase and we ship worldwide.

Some of our custom fabrication includes:
- Realistic Characters: Zombie Props, Clown Props & Vampire Props
- Prop Cadavers, Stunt Dummies
- Body Parts: Fake Arms, Legs, Heads & Organs
- Butcher Shop
- Animal Props: Dog & Cat Props
- Seamless Crime Scene Skeletons
- Prop Tombstones
- Stage Blood

Other high quality props include:
- Life Cast Skulls
- Crime & Death Props: Weapons, Coffins & Caskets
- Authentic & Replica Animal Skulls & Bones
- Prehistoric Replica Fossils
- Dinosaur Skeletons
- Oddities & Apothecary Collection: Specimen Jars, Curiosities & Sideshow Props
- Science & Medical Props: Medical Instruments, Lab Props & Glassware
- Large Torture Props: Electric Chairs, Asylum Restraint Bed & Go Go Cage
- Western Themed Props: Gallows, Standing Stocks, & Steer Skulls
- Egyptian, Science Fiction, & Alien Props

Dapper Cadaver has provided props to thousands of film and TV productions, including hit dramas like American Horror Story, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and The Blacklist as well as comedies like The Big Bang Theory, Community, Modern Family and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We’ve provided props for major motion pictures like A Walk Among the Tombstones, X-Men: Days of Future Past & 300: Rise of an Empire. Dapper Cadaver has provided musicians with stage and video props such as Alice Cooper, Arcade Fire, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha. We provide props for various tradeshows and conventions throughout the year including Transworld and ScareLA and we have even supplied forensic institutes and training organizations.

Our showroom is open to the public as well as to prop masters, set decorators, haunt professionals and Halloween party planners. Our hours are Monday through Friday 9-5. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your vision to life!

1018 Stewart St.
Madison, WI 53713

T: (818)771-0818

Email: info@dappercadaver.com
Website: www.dappercadaver.com
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5

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1018 Stewart St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53713
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