Based in Culver City, CA, Digiscope has been creating visual effects for the biggest films in the industry for over 18 years. Whether it's tent-pole blockbusters like The Hunger Games, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn, or independent projects like My Weekend With Marilyn and The Pacific (HBO), we have a track record of excellence and experience. Visual effects in filmmaking is about people and we have worked with the best directors, producers and supervisors in the business, helping them put their ideas onto the screen.

Our goal is to create an added value to your film, something unique that encapsulates imagination, creativity and innovation. From talking animals to superheroes, from alien takeovers to vampire romance. There is nothing too big, too small or too bizarre. We make people fly. We blow stuff up. We shoot lasers. We do witches, wizards, blizzards, vampires, super heroes, munchkins and post apocalyptic teenage archers, and we've been doin' it for almost 20 years. We grow with every obstacle, we learn from every circumstance and we celebrate every triumph. You've already seen our work…now let's do some together.

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1447 Cloverfield Blvd.
Santa Monica, California 90404
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