Brian Bank's Music

Brian Bank's Music
Ear to Ear and 2110 Music have merged to create Brian Banks Music. All the music you love with only one name to remember. Simple.

Brian Banks has never been a fan of “Staff Composers.” In the vast and varied world of music for film, this is just too great a limitation. One day you need a symphony Orchestra, the next day, Peruvian Nose Flute. To make sure our Violins and Noses are always at the ready, we have a network of 50 composers, songwriters and producers from the USA to Europe ready to take on any musical challenge. At the same time, Brian Banks is always there as Musical Director making sure that all of our amazing friends and colleagues deliver exactly what you are looking for.

This works….and it continues to work for the hundreds of worldwide brands with whom we have worked. We don’t necessarily like to be seen as name-droppers, but here are just a few names: Apple, Nike, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Guinness, Nokia, Citroen, Toyota, Volvo… oh you want more? …must we? …go on then …Kodak, Mattel, Mars, Chivas, Nestle, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Unilever …ok, we’ll stop.

Not only do we have an international composition team that is amazing, but our pool of musicians, singers and studios across the globe makes sure everything sounds right… When you need a guitarist, you don’t just need a guitarist. You need a Classical guitarist, or a Rock Guitarist, or a Flamenco guitarist, or…? Nothing is worse than a musician trying to play in a style outside their realm…you’ve heard it… you know what we mean… and you won’t get it from us unless that’s what you really want.

Our company knows no bounds. We are set up to work in the USA, the UK, and in Europe. This gives us the flexibility to structure the deal that is best for you and your client. Sometimes it’s best to work with Union Talent in the USA, sometimes it’s best to work in Italy or the UK, or Prague. We understand the nuance of doing business in all these places and how we can get the best performances and the smallest impact on your bottom line. Surprisingly, the answer to the question, “Where should we produce this track?” is often not what you’d expect…

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