Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates is a trusted ally in the entertainment community; known for our ability to effectively interact with legal counsel, executives, writers, producers, and directors.

Script Annotations
Producers and writers of fact-based and fact-inspired projects often face the frustration of providing significant documentation for legal counsel. Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates effectively interfaces with all concerned parties to provide a precise script annotation, specifically designed to assist with the evaluation of legal issues and the procurement of Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Fact Checking and Text Research
Our outstanding team of knowledgeable researchers compile documents tailored to meet specific research needs with extraordinary comprehension.

Individuals Located
Our methods to discretely locate individuals, without disclosing details about a production, provides a barrier of confidentially that allows counsel to assess potential risks from a distance.

One of our well-known specialties! Elizabeth Bardsley effectively conducts in-depth interviews, structured to obtain the most imperative information possible.

Procurement of Court Documents
Our negotiation for procuring court documents allows our clients to obtain documents anonymously, thus shielding projects from potential publicity during the development process.

Compiled in unison with research material, our timelines cross-reference actual events to provide a skeleton, designed to guide docudrama writers.

Script Analysis
Sorting through the details in numerous drafts or an assortment of previously produced mediums can present itself as a mind-numbing and confusing task. Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates effectively contextualizes material and provides legal counsel with a concise document that illuminates overlapping points to assist in the assessment of changes that may need to be broached creatively.

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