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Our clients’ business is making great shows, choosing the best location, as well as forecasting and tracking expenses. They must do it all in the most efficient and cost-effective way while remaining a supportive and compliant employer. A thousand moving parts and they need to make quick, smart decisions. They need a dedicated partner.

If there’s a thread that spans our entire company history since incorporating in 1976, it’s that EP Cares. The company was founded by a handful of people in a single room to help productions pay workers and track expenses. From the beginning, we have always striven to provide client service excellence.

Through the next few decades we added product offerings to facilitate our clients’ efficiency, and acquired Central Casting – now celebrating 90 years of service. We built a Residuals processing department and systems and grew to become the largest processor of residual payments. After the turn of the 21st Century our founders were ready to retire but cared about finding a way to give the company back to those who built its success.

Our CEO Mark Goldstein came aboard in 2002 and began working out a deal for us to buy the company. On Valentine’s Day, 2004, we became 100% employee-owned. Since that time we have continued to expand our offerings, including opening several locations around the country, to meet our clients’ continually evolving needs.

In August 2015, we combined forces with Ease Entertainment Services after discovering we had a mutual goal: reinventing how the industry works and interacts to make production simple. The medium of production has gone digital, but the production process for entertainment has remained the same for the past several decades – until now.

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