Eric Miller Animation Studios

Eric Miller Animation Studios
Eric Miller Animation Studios creates stunning animation of exceptional quality across the entire spectrum of animation and visual effects.

How many of us have watched as ships sail to the horizon? There is something about that image that feeds our common yearning for boundless adventure along the far-away limits of the imagination.

Born from Eric Miller’s dream to explore the endless possibilities of the imagination through cutting-edge animation, Eric Miller Animation Studios is a dedicated crew of like-minded visionaries with the talent, experience, and ambition to transform any concept into animated stories that capture our common hunger for uncommon adventure.

Achieving the moon takes more than a shared vision; it demands skilled and resourceful production management. When one of the world’s largest toy companies, Toys “R” Us, needed animation and visual effects for their 2014 Holiday ads, we custom-built a seasoned crew of artists, animators, and technicians around their concept, producing 40 animated vignettes in a few months in one of the most exceptional advertising campaigns of that year.

At Eric Miller Animation Studios, we know it takes more than dreams to accomplish the exceptional, which is why we combine creative talent, skilled management, and bold imagination into a one-stop-shop full-service animation studio ready to take any project of any size far beyond the extraordinary.

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Devonshire St. and Petit Ave.
Granada Hills, California 91344
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