Filmotechnic USA

Filmotechnic USA
Camera Car Systems /Filmotechnic USA is part of the international brand, Filmotechic Ukraine, we provide stabilized camera platform technologies for any and all camera movement around the world. We have two full support shops, Los Angeles, California and Detroit, Michigan for all your tracking needs from soft beauty to rough terrain, sand or snow, wet or dry, East or West. With reliability as our top priority, our fleet of transports can deliver our camera car with Russian Arm and Flight Head anywhere in the United States.

In 1996, Filmotechinc introduced the first Russian Arm to the US. These Gyro-Stabilized Russian Arm Systems are remote control cranes mounted to customized Camera Car System vehicles, with mounting options available from marine vessels to oversized automobiles.

As we are always on the leading edge of cranes, Filmotechnic USA now has the world’s longest Russian Arm, the Russian Arm 6, which has a 25ft tip to turret span.  We have also introduced the more compact Russian Arm Mini which can be shipped anywhere in the world, packed up in just two cases, leaving your traveling options endless. Currently Filmotechnic USA has 12 Russian Arms. 1 New Russian Arm 6 with an extended reach of 25ft. 5 Full size Russian Arms with extensions from 15ft to 21ft. 2 Russian Arm Minis with an arm length of 11ft. 2 Stable Arms for post-systems, and 2 Spring Mount Arms.

Filmotechnic’s Flight Heads have yet to meet a camera they could not mount. They are engineered with a unique 3 or 4-Axis Gyro-Stabilized design that eliminates all bumps and vibrations resulting in an extremely smooth picture. We provide the Flight Heads that meet the varying demands of the film industry, for example:  we work closely with camera car industries with their Gemini crane and Pursuit Systems with their Pursuit crane and TCC’s Telescopic Crane and JIB Arms. Our Flight Heads are also compatible with helicopters, jet skis, slider rigs, and cable cams. All provide complete control of the camera and lens functions remotely. Currently Filmotechnic USA has 16 Gyro Stabilized Flight Heads. 2 Flight Head Minis, 9 Flight Head V’s, 1 of each; Flight Head 6, Flight Head XXL, Apex Head, and Compact Head.

Combined with one of Camera Car Systems’ vehicles and our experienced recommended crews, we can capture amazing images in some of the most challenging situations. All our vehicles come equipped with HD monitors, a PIX240, DC-AC inverters and an open-mic communications system. From city streets to rugged off road trails, we have what it takes to get the shot you’re looking for.

When speed, sharp turning and excellent body control is required, both the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Mercedes ML63 AMG are ready for action. The Porsche twin-turbo V-8 and double wishbone front suspension carves through corners effortlessly.  This all-wheel system can go from idle to 60mph in 4 seconds. While the ML’s  4MATIC all-wheel drive and V-8 engine enables sprints from rest to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and is capable of maintaining a stable shot at speeds up to 100mph. Both seats 5-6 people comfortably while capturing seamlessly smooth shots and enabling a high level of performance and handling. Making these high speed camera cars the ultimate chase cars.

Bring on the tough rutted terrain and steep grades, our industry first, Roush supercharged Ford F-150 Raptor is built to capture realistic and unbeatable motion that are off limits to the conventional 4-wheeler. Its custom-built exoskeleton mounted with the Russian Arm is designed to deliver a high level of stability in any location, giving you shots so smooth, they appear to be shot by helicopter.

When agility in a tight location is necessary, nothing will substitute for the maneuvering, speed and lightweight engineering of our KTM 950 Adventure Camera Bike. With its off-road capabilities, speed and smooth ride along with our FH-Compact Head mounted to the front or rear of this machine, the KTM 950 is an ideal camera platform.

When off-road means tall grasses, narrow passage through mud or rocky terrain, the RZR is specifically built for extreme performance and has the clearance and power to get the shot. This compact UTV enables shots of the back country that a typical all-terrain vehicle wouldn’t come close to. When speed on the toughest trails is required, the RZR can ramp up from zero to 30mph in 3.2 seconds and onto 60mph in another 1.5 seconds.

The Polaris Ranger is ideal for crowd settings and outdoor events where a lot of ground needs to be covered. Its compact size allows the Ranger to manage tight turns, blend in and move through events, capturing an eyelevel view typical of hand-held equipment without the vibration. This ATV will maintain traction across wet and dry conditions, various grasses, rolling hills and mixed terrain.

The Hummer H1 is a massive 4WD UTV with an impressive 16” ground clearance that enables it to scale 22” high obstacles and 60% grades without pause, making it incredibly capable on rough terrain.  The H1 mounted with the Russian Arm is compatible with all Stabilized Flight Heads. The onboard tire-inflation system allows the tires to be “aired down” for serious rock crawling and pumped back up before hitting the pavement.


Russian Arm, Russian Arm V, Russian Arm 6, Russian Arm Mini (available to mount on most automotive vehicles) Spring Mount, Stable Mount, Flight Head 5, Flight head XXL (for 3-D mount) Flight Head Compact, Flight Head Mini, 4 Porsche Turbo Cayennes, Mercedes ML63 AMG, Ford Raptor, Polaris Ranger and Razor, KTM 950 Motorcycle, Hummer H1


1524 W. 132nd Street
Gardena, California 90249
Phone Numbers
(310) 418-3311 main
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