GreenScreen Animals: A Wild Library

GreenScreen Animals is the world's leading solution for high quality, humane animal content redefining the future of storytelling. GSA was created to fill a void in the stock footage marketplace. By merging art, technology and nature, GSA has become the 'go to' digital media company for the world's best, and most exclusive animal footage. GSA’s footage allows producers of creative content the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to access media that would normally be expensive and difficult to capture. At GSA it’s not just the screen that's green. By recording the animals in a controlled, peaceful environment, the impact on the animal is mitigated. A single production can be repurposed in unlimited applications throughout the world. Appreciation of nature and the natural world are fundamental to the founding of GSA and continue to be a top priority while amassing the world's largest library of digital animal content.

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