Griptrix, Inc.

Griptrix, Inc.
After years of providing Grip Equipment Rentals, we began our quest to manufacture a camera dolly that was powered 100% by electricity for a virtually noiseless operation.

In 2003 we started with a golf cart chassis and modified it for the needs of the film industry. A stronger suspension for stability, panels for mounting cameras, rails for mounting other accessories and added power from was to become our proprietary Electrix Power Source. We had our first electric camera dolly and put it to work with great success ultimately winning an Emmy for Technical Achievement and an award from the SOC (Society of Operating Cameramen).

Throughout the years that followed we built a fleet of Electrix powered dollies – each model more in tune with the industry’s ever changing needs. Those needs lead us to designing and building our GripTrix Camera Cars.

Our Electric Camera Cars are designed, engineered and fabricated from the ground up with maximum utility and flexibility in mind. From removable panels, adjustable independent air bag suspension, and adjustable seating to programmable electric power, high-capacity batteries and on-board-chargers – these finely tuned machines lead out of the gate, ready to work. Our camera cars are manufactured in our North Hollywood California facility, and we are continually adding to our fleet.

We are proud of our partnerships with industry filled companies across the nation and around the globe. Our state of the art products have been used on many film and television productions and we will continue to update our technology in the years too come. We are excited about the future and look forward to working with you on your next production.
12767 Saticoy St.
North Hollywood, California 91605
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