Hot Gears

Award-winning Director of Photography Mehran Salamati is a veteran cinematographer with credits that range from feature films, IMAX films, nationally broadcast commercials, and television shows.

He has been involved in working on shows such as : Steve Jobs, Transformers Age of Extinction, Iron Man, U2 3D, Ring of Fire, Seasons, VW, Geico, The Bachelor, and The Biggest Loser.

A member of the American Cinematographers Guild and the Society of Operating Cameraman, Salamati has (in addition to his work behind the camera) designed, fabricated and marketed a number of groundbreaking products such as Hot Gears Remote Systems™, MR14 UAS (unmanned aerial systems), JetCams, (High Speed Aerial Systems), and Phoenix Camera Systems.

His designs have gained industry-wide acceptance, which earned a Life Time Technical Achievement Award for his Hot Gears Remote Systems. Mehran’s background and knowledge of building FAA approved custom aircraft, and camera mounts for various aircraft was a perfect marriage for designing a UAS for the film industry. The MR14 UAS has been used in both interior and exterior shoots, for a number of movies, commercials, and television shows.
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