Founded by Filmmakers for Filmmakers... Hover is the first of its kind: full service, commercial, unmanned air, land, & sea global cinema solutions company. FAA-approved for all operations including Night Flight with industry standard-setting safety practices. Hover is the preeminent, one-stop solution for all aspects of unmanned filmed media from concept and pre-production to production and beyond.

Hover's involvement with projects starts at the development phase to best integrate key solutions from its wide range of capabilities and directly deploy them into the production plan. Hover puts safety first and all systems have multiple failsafe and redundant features in its hardware, software and energy systems. With its proprietary patent pending technology, Hover sets the highest standard in the unmanned cinema industry. We are filmmakers first and understand your needs and know how to make any situation work.

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2711 N Sepulveda Blvd
Ste. 147
Manhattan Beach, California 90266
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