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Insight Productions is led by Mitch Ives, a highly creative, resourceful professional who got his start in real estate development and computer graphics. Always seeking new opportunities, he started a Video Production business because he recognized that there was a need going unfilled. Everyone he approached put the emphasis on the creative side of production to the detriment of the business needs… getting actual results.

Always the problem solver, he decided to capitalize on his computer graphics skills and invest in video equipment. He soon began producing videos for his computer graphics and Real Estate development businesses. The positive impact was multi-fold; his real estate and computer graphics businesses both prospered, and his videos attracted the attention of companies throughout Arizona. These companies appreciated his unique approach which is; video by business people for business people.

Ives soon realized that Video Production was becoming a major revenue stream, and because he enjoyed the creative, technological, marketing and business aspects, he decided to devote 100% of his time to Insight Productions.

Today Mitch excels at serving Small and Medium-sized businesses with compelling videos. To meet the needs of companies like yours, Mitch continues to invest in the latest equipment, utilize small efficient crews and employ cost-cutting practices developed over decades, that produce excellent results without compromising quality.

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9136 E. Winchcomb Dr.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
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