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"It's A Wrap, Shrink Wrap It", a subsidiary of Shrink Wrap Pros, LLC, is a Los Angeles area based Shrink Wrap Company. We have an efficient and professional staff, and we are fully mobile; No matter your location we come to your Film or Television Studio or set. Shrink Wrapping protects your valuable assets against Rain, Snow, Wind and Sun Damage and during transportation or storage. Shrink Wrap also provides Privacy from the public, media or potential theft. We use the highest quality products that are UV protected, Fire Retardant and prevents corrosion, mold and mildew along with being 100 % recyclable materials. We excel with our prompt and professional service, and we guarantee all our services.

The way Sets and Props are stored today is expensive and just doesn’t work!

- Commercially purchased plastic that traps heat and moisture

- Heat and moisture lead to mold and mildew damage to contents

- High labor costs to wrap and maintain

- Damage to sets while transporting

- Plastic rips in high winds exposing sets to damage

- Sun Damage degrades in two months and needs constant replacement requiring additional labor

- Exposes valuable sets to damage and theft during transportation and storage

Shrink Wrap Pros provides the following solutions:

- 100% virgin resin, UVI protected, fire retardant NFPA 701 heavy-duty shrink film, available from 6 to 12 mil

- Drum tight protection of your set module protects up to five years from the elements of the hot sun, wind, rain for transportation and storage

- Mobile service that wraps at your location

- Protection from unauthorized removal or prying eyes

- Protection from transportation to any location

- Specialized venting prevents mold and mildew

- Optional zipper door access is also available

- Available 24/7 to be there-anywhere you need our services

All this at a fraction of the price of your current cost!

With our product WE CAN WRAP ANYTHING-ANYWHERE!: props, picture cars, shelters, sets, scaffolding, whatever you have, we can wrap! Our method creates a drum tight custom cover that will protect for years!

Whether your Transporting or Storing it Do it right,Do it Once!

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