JibWorks / Mark Koonce

-Triangle Jib Arms. 6' to 40' reach.

-Offices in North Hollywood & San Diego.

-Shipping Jibs across the state or across the country.

-The JibWorks E-GatorCam. Electric self leveling Gator. Turf wheels for minimum impact.
-The JibWorks AT-GatorCam. 6 wheel diesel Gator for Beach and other rough terrain.

-Wireless controls for Film and HD cameras including Panavision, Arriflex, Cine Alta, Varicam, Red, Alexa, Canon 5D Mark II & other DSLRs.
- Remote controls for Video and mini HDV cameras.

The JibWorks’ Truck. The only customized truck designed especially for the Triangle Jib. 9 different arm configurations from 6’ to 40' reach, 5 different dolly bases, 20’ of dolly track, batteries, monitors, complete redundancy of electronics, unique accessories and more to keep the jib up and production concerns down.

25+ years of experience, IATSE Local 600, NABET & IBEW.

Visit the JibWorks’ website, send an email or give Mark a call.
North Hollywood, California
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