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Stages with a Personal Touch

Welcome to Kirby Studios. Our premier, state-of-the-art photography studio and production facility features multiple stages and is located in the Los Angeles area, just a minute from freeway 405 and the Long Beach Airport.

Kirby Studios includes a large multi-wall cyc, a large 3-wall cyc, and a two-space stage with both a 1-wall cyc and 2-wall corner cyc, as well as a small basic studio space for a tabletop or fashion shoot. Our studio is “in the Zone”, offering photo stages with secure entrances and well-established procedures for those high-security shoots.

The Kirby Studios production campus turns out a wide variety of high-level projects including: single and multi-car automotive, celebrity and entertainment, products of all kinds, people, fashion and tabletop shoots. Our stages are set up for commercials, videos, still shoots, and long-term film or TV sets. We also offer the versatility of customizable space for events. Our large, flexible spaces are ideal for market and product research clinics, product walkarounds, and consumer focus groups.

Kirby Studios’ philosophy focuses on offering the best customer service and creative environment for directors of photography, crew and clients. We provide the opportunities and expertise commercial film professionals require for successful productions: four stage options, easy access to major freeways, ample free parking, a super-clean facility and plenty of room for crews and clients to work. Our practical amenities provide so many choices, including carefully-appointed stage production offices, stage kitchens, makeup rooms, wardrobe-styling spaces and driveable load-in doors. Our stage management team provides each guest and production crew with quick, attentive assistance, and we are passionate about making your shoot experience an exceptional one.

For more information please visit our website, or give us a call.

Thank you from all of us for considering Kirby Studios Los Angeles for your next film production, event or clinic.

Standard Amenities All Stages

• Ample Off-street Parking

• Private Gated Parking Lot Adjacent to Stages

• Controlled Stage Door Access

• Locked Down Stages

• High Speed Internet Access

• Lobby Entrance

• Clean Modern Restrooms

Standard Amenities Stages One-Two-Three

• Large Load-in Doors

• Drive-in Stage Access

• Large Variety of Flying Flats mounted on movable bridge cranes

• Total Available Regulated Power up to 1600 amps (600-800 amps on wall)

• A/C or Heat

Optional Available Amenities

• Downshot Platform for high angle shots

• Tungsten Balanced Lightboxes (up to 10×40)

• Tungsten Lighting and Grip Packages

• 20 ft. Diameter Motion Control Turntable

• Overnight Storage

• AutomotiveTransport (LA Prep Transport) or Car Prep (LA Prep Inc)


• Total Dimensions: 50’W x 130’D x 27’H

• Shoot-able Dimensions: 50’W x 106’D x 27’H

• 3-wall Cyc (56’D x 50’W x 21’H walls-27’ to perm)

• Staging Area

• Option to bundle with stageTHREE for high-value multiple stage setups

• 3 Bridge Cranes

• 6 Chain Motors

• Smooth Painted Concrete Floor

• Blacked-out Ceiling over cove

• Accommodates Turntable, Hoisted Rigging, Combination of Lightbox and Flying Flats, Additional Lighting Effects

• 2-Station Make-up Can with Wardrobe Styling

• “KirbyCan” Production Suite: Furnished Production Suite including Private Conference Room (w/copy machine), Private Client Lounge, Full Kitchen (oven/stove, microwave, refrigerator w/ice maker, dishwasher, sink, counter space) and dedicated al-fresco-style dining and crafts service area


• Total Dimensions: 70’W x 118’D x 27’H

• Shoot-able Dimensions: 86’W with Side Walls of 48’W x 67’W and 20’ Kicker Return

• Multi-wall White Cyc and Ad Hoc 18% Neutral Gray Back Wall

• Smooth Painted Concrete Floor

• 4 Bridge Cranes

• 4 High-capacity Chain Motors

• Accommodates Turntable, Hoisted Rigging, Combination of Lightbox and Flying Flats, and Additional Lighting Effects

• Downshot Platform with four shooting positions mounted at 21’

• “KirbyCan” Production Suite: Furnished Production Suite including 2-Station Make-up Can with Wardrobe Styling Room, Conference Room (w/copy machine), Private Upstairs, Client Lounge, Full Kitchen (oven/stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator w/ice maker, sink, counter space with outlets) and dedicated al-fresco-style dining and crafts service area


• Total Dimensions: 50’W x 65’D x 27’H

• 36’D x 36’W 2-wall Smooth White Corner Cyc

• 19’W with 25’ Draw 1-wall White Cyc

• Smooth Painted Concrete Floor

• Two Bridge Cranes accommodate Flying Flats or Lightbox

• 2-Station Make-up Can with Wardrobe Styling

• Furnished area for clients providing couch and recliner, big screen TV, refrigerator, and coffee maker


• Total Dimensions: 30'D x 40'W x 27'H
• Secure Locked Entrance
• Basic Grip Package and a Seamless Backdrop 3-roll Wall Mount

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2701 Signal Pkwy
Long Beach, California 90755
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