Lane Ranch & Co.

Lane Ranch & Co.
A real working ranch since 1908, Lane Ranch has been a major supplier of motion picture livestock and equipment since 1976.
Lane Ranch can do complete wrangler coordination for your movie, tv show, commercial, music video and other special events including print work. Liberty trained horses and cattle, driving horses from a single to a 10-up hitch of horses, draft horses, mules. Farm animals and implements that were used to clear roads and the California Aqueduct. Two mechanical bulls, sleighs, chariot, over 100 wagons, stagecoaches, buggies, buckboards. Thousands of ranch/farm props. Desert Location of 1200 acres of undisturbed rolling desert hills.

Lane Ranch can do your job as we have done since 1976. Call us today.
399 and SAG/AFTRA
42220 10th St. West, Ste. 101
Lancaster, California 93534
Phone Numbers
(661) 942-0435 main
(661) 942-7485 fax

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