Locally Grown

At Locally Grown, we're proud to offer first-class catering. Our innovative recipes allow us to build unique menus that replace food service with cuisine. Whether you're providing meals to your production crew or hosting a corporate or private event, Locally Grown brings the experience of a five-star restaurant to you.

We start with customer service that is unparalleled. Hiring Locally Grown is fast and simple, and we're always responsive to discuss new opportunities.

Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Chris New, is taking his Michelin-star restaurant background and focusing his skills to provide an exceptional culinary experience to the entertainment industry. Chris has worked at some of the country's most desirable locations, learning from the top talent like Chefs Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller. His enthusiasm for world-class cuisine drives him to constantly hone his craft and create the ultimate dining experience.
P.O. Box 801266
Santa Clarita, California 91380
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