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Motion City Films is a boutique production company specializing in digital media: animation, graphics and user experiences. We produce both short and long-form narrative and informational pieces.

There are two sides to every story. The two sides of the Motion City Films story: a production company on one hand — delivering finished movies, short and long, to thrilled audiences. But also a digital media development company. We have extended our expertise in creating engaging linear content to include web sites, games, and all sorts of interactive experiences. While we have enjoyed numerous awards for our animation, digital effects and post-production efforts, we equally love tackling a challenge to utilize some new development in media.

Of course we realize that at the heart of any good presentation is the story. Whether we are designing a 15-second animation or building an epic enterprise-level web destination, Motion City keeps the focus on delivering a clear message and a great design.

Motion City Films was formed in Los Angeles 25 years ago as a production company. Our earliest work was helping companies communicate with their employees. We created training films, employee benefit videos and other corporate communication.

Over time we grew to produce commercials and music videos. We released an independent feature film, Last Words. Sometimes we are called upon to produce an entire video. In other cases we produce certain elements.

As we continued to develop animation and video content, the way in which this was presented shifted beneath our feet. Tape gave way to shiny discs which gave way to digital media on the Internet.

Of course we embraced these changes. We soon found ourselves creating Flash sites, games, interactive kiosks, mobile presentations, digital signage and motion rides.

In 2009 we focused our web development efforts on using open-source CMS systems like Drupal and WordPress. Today, almost half of our projects are web-based.

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