Nettmann Systems International

Nettmann Systems International
Versatility is the name of the game. The revolution is here…

Known as the “Rolls-Royce” of stabilized cinematography systems, Nettmann provides high performing stabilization platforms for fast action-oriented land and aerial cinematography. Helicopters, lear jets, pursuit vehicles, boats, cable-rigs, you name it, our products out-perform and over-deliver in every way.

Nettmann Systems: The ultimate in engineering, design, stability and versatility.

Nettmann Systems International is a family-owned, multi award-winning, high-tech development company specializing in unique cinematography equipment for the demanding environment of live broadcast and motion picture production.

With over four decades of experience in Aerial camera systems and Stabilized Remote heads; from our Continental Helicopter Mounts, to our AstroVision™ and VectorVision™ Learjet mounted aerial cinematography systems, to the Emmy and Academy Award Winning line of Cam-Remotes, Mini-Motes and Stab-C gyro-stabilized heads and helicopter gimbals, NSI is the proven industry leader for cinematography camera systems.

We provide our customers with the latest technology, innovative design and excellent customer service. The result: a client base that has stood by our products for years.

Each product is built by hand and thoroughly inspected at our facilities located in Los Angeles, CA.

Originally established in 1972.

Aerial Cinematography
Born of a passion for flight, Nettmann’s Aerial Cinematography Systems are award-winning, AND engineered to be versatile, fast-acting and precise.

Remote Head Systems
Known reliability, versatility and adaptability are just a few hallmarks of our Remote Head Systems. These systems are primarily used for ground-based applications.

Stablized Remote Head Systems
Versatility redefined. These robust systems are used to stabilize cameras on, pretty much, anything that moves, which translates to great production value with no down time.

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