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On Air Prompting
On Air Prompting was started by Sharon Ruiz, who has worked as a teleprompter operator in Los Angeles for 20 years. After working for other companies for several years. in 2003, she set off on her own. As the newest teleprompter company in town, she knew the way to set On Air Prompting apart from the rest was to provide the best equipment available and to provide a working environment that would attract the most talented operators. 12 years later, she's still continuing that philosophy and has built On Air Prompting into one of the top teleprompter companies in Hollywood.

what we do
We provide teleprompter equipment and operators for daily hire in the greater Los Angeles area and wherever your project may take you. Game shows and talk shows are our specialty, but we have extensive experience in all areas of the entertainment industry: award shows, reality shows, films, commercials, episodic TV, even trade shows and corporate conventions. Our operators are fast, proactive and intuitive, and though we do have non-union operators, most are IATSE Local 871, Nabet and/or IBEW members.

need a spanish speaking teleprompter operator?
Llámenos para reservar a un operador de habla hispana para su producción.

we are not a teleprompter retailer
Because we carry so much custom teleprompter equipment, we often receive inquiries as to how to purchase our teleprompters. We provide teleprompter operators and equipment for daily hire and do not sell our equipment.

what we provide
While simplistic teleprompter systems still exist for basic applications, more demanding shows require a greater range of capabilities. Computer networking allows us to provide computer systems for multiple locations that can talk to one another so that a "green room" or "backstage" prompter can make changes in real time and send them to the live computer. Our software can also be integrated with newsroom systems like iNews, ENPS and Dalet for seamless rundown and script import. We have teleprompter equipment for every project, from 7" camera mounts to 70" big screens and everything in between. We have the largest and brightest custom pedestal prompters available, as well as custom mounts for jibs and Steadicams, and we build our equipment with the latest components to accommodate the changing needs of our clients.

specialty equipment
In addition to computer systems and camera mounts, we also provide specialty equipment to support each show's needs for signal distribution (i.e. switchers, blackburst generators, AJAs, iPad prompters, concert wedge monitors, prompter-mounted programs monitors, etc). If you don't see what you need here, ask us. We may have exactly what you're looking for.

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3330 Barham Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90036
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