Optimist Studios

Optimist Studios
Everyone who steps on to our property says "I wish we knew this was here". With 8 unique indoor and outdoor spaces within our 60k sq. ft. campus we really have something for everyone. Whether it’s a commercial, a photoshoot, a live-streamed event, a concert, or even a podcast — we've got the space for you. We are conveniently located on the West side near LAX. Please schedule a no-pressure tour!

Studio A - 6,000 sq. ft soundproof soundstage

The Annex - 11,000 sq. ft, 834 occupancy, drive-up cyc wall.

Studio B - 950 sq. ft 3 wall chroma key green cyc

Studio C - 850 sq. ft 2 wall cyc

The Garden & Patio - beautiful hidden gem, 250 occupancy

The Office - 9,800 sq. ft office location

The Podcast studio - multiple tech packages that can include post-production,
cameras, and operators.

The Lobby/ Gallery - 3,700 sq. ft gallery or event space

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5431 w 104th street
Los Angeles, California 90045
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