Performance Filmworks, Inc. / Dean Bailey

Performance Filmworks, Inc. / Dean Bailey
The NEW Performance Filmworks Edge™ System provides a unique combination of performance, flexibility and precision. The Edge™ is the newest generation of gyro-stabilized camera heads and remote arms in the marketplace, and is a turnkey solution for all your filming needs. Upon arrival on your set, the Edge™ is completely assembled and ready to go. Just back it out of its custom-built transport, mount the camera and you’re ready to roll.

The Edge™ System consists of:
• The Supercharged Mercedes ML 55 Camera Car
• The Edge™ Head: 3-Axis, Gyro-Stabilized, Remote Controlled Camera Head
• The Edge™ Crane: Gyro-Stabilized, Roof-Mounted, Remote Controlled Camera Crane
• Optional Accessories including Spray Deflectors, Preston Lens Control Systems and Multiple Crane Extensions giving you a reach of 8- to 26-feet.
• Our office will coordinate your crew.
• One phone call and you’re all set!

The technological advances incorporated into the new Edge™ System provide a new level of speed, performance and stability, which surpass all other equipment available. The Edge™ Crane can be quickly transformed on set into multiple different lengths, ranging from 8-feet all the way to 26-feet, and can be mounted on any vehicle, including cars, picture vehicles, trucks, SUV’s, boats, etc. Such flexibility in a roof mounted remote arm has not existed in the industry until now. These improvements, combined with increased stability of the Edge™ Head, have further heightened the performance response. The Edge™ Head can accommodate any camera system, including 3-D systems and multiple camera arrays. It can be operated using joysticks, wheels or a panbar.

Performance Filmworks has an extensive fleet of purpose-built vehicles including the signature Supercharged Mercedes ML55, the Chevy Suburban, the Audi A6 Quattro, the Toyota Tundra Off-Road Truck and other specialized vehicles including watercraft, quads, and motorcycles. Additionally it has developed specialty rigging gear including suspension mounts, helicopter mounts and 3-D leveling heads to further complement and expand the capabilities of the Edge™ Systems. However unique the demands of your production may be, Performance Filmworks is a one-stop shop for all of your camera motion equipment needs.

Our duty to our clients is to provide equipment and personnel that you can consistently rely upon. Which is why we rigorously maintain our gear and train our crews to use the package to its fullest potential; to get you the ungettable shot, the unthinkable angle, the footage that gives you a competitive advantage. And with offices located in the US, Canada and Europe, Performance Filmworks is geographically positioned to help with your equipment needs wherever your next job might take you.

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