Ronald Vidor, SOC: One Cameraman, many talents!
Ronald Vidor is a world class DP and "A List" camera operator. He also specializes in every rank of cinematography, including Steadicam, underwater and aerial cinematography. His credits range from JAWS and ER to scores of other films that include some of the finest actors, directors, producers and cinematographers in the craft: Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Aaron Spelling, Conrad Hall, Vilmos Zsigmond and a myriad of others.

With Ronald Vidor, you get the most out of one DP!
Ronald Vidor’s greatest asset is that he’s able and willing to swing from one position to another on any given shoot; this allows the production company to get the most out of his abilities: “A List” camera operator, Steadicam, underwater, aerial, Second Unit DP and often First Unit DP when called upon.

Increase your film’s production value and “Look”!
The addition of Steadicam, underwater and aerial cinematography can add visible dimension to your film, easily increasing its production value and “look”. With Ronald Vidor, you have the option of shooting underwater scenes one day, aerials the next, Steadicam scenes the following day and then utilize him as a Second Unit DP the next -- all while having him on set as the “A List" camera operator if needed. Ronald Vidor believes in doing whatever it takes to get the job done!

One rate for several talents!
Hire Ronald Vidor at his standard rate and you get all his talents: “A List"camera operator, Steadicam, aerial, underwater and/or Second Unit DP. There’s no additional charge for utilizing him in different positions on the same shoot. You may only need a Steadicam and/or “A List" camera operator for now, but it’s great assurance knowing there’s someone on set that can swing into any other camera positions if called upon.

Top-of-the-line equipment!
Ronald Vidor owns a complete, top-of-the-line Steadicam rig (with numerous accessory bells, whistles and 4-wheel drives). He also has much of the equipment needed for underwater, aerial cinematography and other tricks. With Ronald Vidor, one call covers all your possible camera position needs!
4141 Elmer Ave.
Studio City, California 91602
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