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Royce Hager, founder of Precision Turntables and film industry veteran, has been working in the film and entertainment industry for over 18 years.

He has several credits in Special FX and Visual FX and was recognized for his contribution to the design and building of the 2002 Oscar Award Winner in Technical Achievement, The Bulldog II.

Royce founded Precision Turntables Services with the simple goal of providing superior quality automobile turntables, rotating stages and product turntables. He was determined to offer smooth steady completely programmable turntables. It was also important to him to build car turntables and product turntables which would save production cost and hassle!

We drew from our experience, aerospace technology and the latest in industrial automation to build the most precise and versatile turntables on the market today.

Precision Turntables has a variety of turntables available, such as:
display turntable - product turntable - visual effects turntable - retail display turntable - car turntable or auto turntable - special effects turntable - exhibit turntable - multi-speed vehicle turntable- hidden car turntable - multi-directional turntable - rotating tables - rotating stages - rotating floor - rotating programmable turntable - programmable car turntable - programmable product turntable - auto turntables - motion control turntable - programmable turntable rotating car turntable - multi-directional rotating stages - car turntable and small turntables for mechanical effects, turntables and rotating floors for amusement park rides

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