The Super 8mm Film Experts for Production and Legacy Footage. Cameras, Film Stocks, Processing, SD, HD and 2K scanning to digital.

Pro8mm has been innov8ing super8 since 1973. Located in Bubank CA, we have worked on thousands of professional, indie and archival jobs for the entertainment industry, and independent filmmakers. We are your one stop workflow shop for Super 8/16mm.

Highly evolved Super 8 and 16mm cameras with modern 16 x 9 aspect rations (Max 8 and Max 16), custom loaded negative and reversal film stock reformatted from Kodak and Fuji 35mm, same day award winning processing, native 1080 HD scanning for regular 8, super 8 and 16mm to NTSC or PAL, with or without sound, SD scanning. Premier facility for archival scans of original film material for the entertainment industry, museums, historical and archival facilities worldwide.
2805 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, California 91505
Phone Numbers
(818) 848-5522 main
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