Renegade Effects Group

Renegade Effects Group
It is our philosophy that effects shops, whether visual, special or practical, need diversity in the services they offer to film, television, commercial, theme park or theatre productions.

Many parts of a production's effects are interrelated, but productions are often forced to go from shop to shop, sometimes located many miles from each other, eating up valuable time and often causing communication breakdowns. Renegade Effects Group is a one-stop shop for all your production effects, eliminating time loss and those debilitating communication breakdowns.

Within the framework of our company we have different departments run by some of the best artisans in the entertainment industry. Our departments include Costumes, Armour, weapons, props, miniatures, creature effects, make-up effects, animatronics and robotics, sculpture, practical effects, prototyping, conceptual design, complete rental department, a 4'X8' Vacuumforming machine, a complete machine shop, and a full service computer graphics department to tie it all together.

We even offer our clients in-house production office space so they can be close to their projects.

Our clients can check our inventory of props and wardrobe from our rental department or consult with our design team so they are guaranteed to get the product that they want.

Renegade's department leaders encompass more than 100 years of combined experience in the film, television, commercial, theatre and theme park markets.

Renegade Effects Group can offer you a commitment to deliver the highest quality, integrity and cutting edge products available in the market today for any effects needs you might have.

If you want your project to come in on time and on budget Renegade Effects Group is your one stop shop for all your special effects needs.

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