Riverfront Stages, Inc.


Riverfront Stages is located in the Glendale/Atwater Village area in the city of Los Angeles – near Downtown and Hollywood, major lots and multiple vendors.

Our facility includes open stage space, standing sets, support buildings, production offices, catering areas, scene dock/storage and mill space.

We offer the highest quality standing sets in Los Angeles including:

- Office sets

- Court sets

- Bar sets

- Medical sets

- Hospital Room sets

- Interrogation Room sets

- Prison Visitation Sets

- Jail sets

- House/Apartment sets

- Morgue sets

- Elevator sets

- Courthouse Hallway sets

Our open stage space is available for short and long term shoots and can be used for set builds as well as green screen shoots.

Ample Base Camp and Crew Parking is available for multiple productions.

Our aim is to always be straightforward, welcoming and adaptable while providing our clients with a clean, convenient, production-friendly environment.


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3061 Treadwell Street
Los Angeles, California 90065
Phone Numbers
(818) 364-7250 main
(323) 999-0436 fax

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