Roy Aldridge ( WESTERN TOWN Location )

We have a small, 8 building long, Western style Mining Town built to a pre 1897 standard. The town consists of a single sided street with a Corral, a Saloon, a Blacksmith Yard, a Marshall's Office, a General Store, a Barber Shop, small Bath House, a Bank and a small Chapel. All buildings are 120 - 160 sq. ft. Some have a usable interior. There is also a windmill next to the large Wooden Water Tank. Available for all film and photography. Smaller student projects welcome. Reasonable fees on all. The property has easy access and has plenty of parking on a flat 2 acre lot and is located 2.5 miles from town. The property is located in the Lower Juniper Hills part of Littlerock CA. 93543 and has mountain views to the south.
9707 E Ave W2
Littlerock, California 93543
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