Secret Headquarters, Inc.

Secret Headquarters, Inc.
We are your one stop production shop. We will be your technical and creative partners from conception to distribution.

Secret Headquarters, Inc. creates original programming for domestic and international broadcast and OTT distribution.

Commercial, Documentary, Interview, Reality, Behind-The Scenes: pre-production, camera, lighting, sound.

Editing is at the heart of visual story telling – Whether that story is a noir thriller or how to roast a chicken.

Broadcast Quality HD Uprez/Online, Color Grading and Surround-Sound Mixing. Delivery by tape or file, including theatrical DCP.

Encoding and delivery for broadcast, theaters, online, and social media. Online distribution for EPKs and publicity releases. Physical delivery by DCP, Blu-ray & DVD, HDCam.

Since 2000, we’ve created original programing and promotional campaigns for our Studio, Network, Agency and Independent Producer clients. If you can click it, pick it, stream it, or just watch it, we can do it. Our production and post-production services are specifically designed to increase your efficiency and profitability – all by allowing you to take on more than you would be able to handle alone. (And as far as we’re concerned, it can be our little secret.)

From pre-production to final delivery, we can write, shoot, record, edit, mix and color your vision. We are your camera and lighting crew, your field producer, editorial department and delivery experts. In short, we’re professional problem solvers and we will complete your mission.

We are scalable in size and scope, so you don’t have to be. Call it a bespoke workflow that fits your needs on a project-by-project basis. Need a camera and an editor? Sure thing. Need color and mixing? Sounds good. Need an on-set production team, editors, a sound mixer – the kitchen sink, and a stiff drink? We’ll drink to that.*

(*after work)
5767 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90016
Phone Numbers
(323) 677-2092 main
(323) 677-2096 fax

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