Sky Productions

We have wide experience in content creation, setting up and commissioning of television channels, rental of devices for production, postproduction and transmission and the integral realization of live events such as sports, conferences and concerts for national and international markets.

Throughout our history we have worked continuously to face challenges posed by the audiovisual industry. Always with renewing attitude, we have offered quality and efficiency improving ourselves frequently. During these years we have managed to inspire security and confidence in our clients and colleagues, and we have stood out by taking chances on the development of groundbreaking projects.

Rent and loan of production devices to television channels and advertising and movies producers. We have technical facilities, groundbreaking technology and wide professional experience.

Technical facilities: We have television avant-garde technology and wide professional experience to provide services of pre-production, production and post-production. Furthermore, we perform live transmissions.

OB Trucks
Our ability to operate HD OB trucks include the record and live production for all kinds of projects of sports and entertainment, along with the development of live events .For this purpose, we have wide variety of equipment that can be set according to the project. All our camera chains are interconnected by triaxial cable or optical fibre and have colourimetry setting controls, communication, signaling, Super Slow Motion cameras (SSM) and powerful telephoto lenses.Moreover, we have a variety of video mixers, character generators, multiformat camcorders to tape or disk, audio mixers, microphones, lighting, electric generators and human resources with extensive experience.

Fly pack
For productions in inaccessible places we integrate fly packs configured to HD formats. For this purpose, we have containers which comply with the IATA standard, pressurized, and allow movement of equipment quickly and safely, plus non-linear editing systems to field work and portable fly away for satellite transmission.

Lighting, grip and sound
We have daylight, fluorescent and incandescent lights of different kinds, sizes, powers and uses; a full equipment of grip, mobile power generators, downspouts, extensions, distribution boxes and so on; equipment transport service inside and outside city and human resources with wide experience handling lighting and electricity.Our sound operators and sound engineers have experience and track record. We have available for our clients a great variety of equipment for the development of any audio production: wired and wireless microphones (hand or lapel), shotgun microphones of different models, portable and fixed audio consoles of different channel numbers and applications, portable recorders, auto-enhanced amplification systems and all sort of audio accessories.

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