Snow Business Hollywood, Inc.

Snow Business Hollywood, Inc.
Snow Business is the world leader in the supply of artificial snow for motion pictures. Although it is the largest company of its kind in the world it actually offers its services via a series of small units each employing local full time staff, this allows the service to be very ‘one to one’ i.e. ‘personal’. The company’s open management structure means your telephone call may as easily be answered by the President of the company as by any other employee.

Snow Business is truly Internationally and is able to provide snow anywhere in the world. With an impressive number of friendly world-wide contacts the company can draw on local knowledge and expertise, something that is essential when large budget movies have so much money invested and so little time to produce.

Snow Business is constantly researching, testing, and developing new snow materials and equipment. We test and evaluated every variety of snow and every type of snow machine we ever encounter, then we meet the manufacturers in order to refine and customise their wares for our specific use. This ongoing development completed with the backing of product manufacturers, is what keeps Snow Business ahead of all of its rivals

Snow Business is involved on a winter film set somewhere in the world, every single working day of the year. The experience this gives, coupled with our range of over 140 types of snow, frost and ice materials, allows us to offer the most competent advice and supply the best winter effect for any scene, anywhere in the world.

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21318 Hart St.
Canoga Park, California 91303
Phone Numbers
(818) 884-3009 main
(818) 884-3110 fax

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