Special Effects Technologies, Inc.

I specialize in the rigging and styling of products and packaging. Highly experienced with just about every type of food, liquid and packaging. Mechanical rigging including motion control integration. Substantial experience designing high speed rigging and the timing mechanism involved. Its possible to do proof of concept video at 300, 600 & too some degree 1200fps with owned equipment.

My stock of very specialized equipment necessary for shots of this nature is enough to assist in making these types of shots to be practical in the preparation time usually provided, Not always but usually. I love a challenge.

In the Acrylic Ice section are examples of Ice models in stock or available to be manufactured. Stock rotates frequently on rentals so check in. Cubes and shards range fro ¾" to 4". custom work available limited to size of stock available. All created from solid acrylic hand sculpted and polished.

Fab Equipment on hand. CNC Router table, Mill, Metal Lathe, Welders,Full size Drill Press, Hydraulic Press, 10” Buffer, all portable tools, Large selection of hardware and components. Many Rigs fabricated over years of service.

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4661 West 63rd St.
Los Angeles, California 90043
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