Spydercam is all about controlled repeatable movement. Known for its suspended camera systems, Spydercam has been getting amazing shots for the last 20+ years. Besides moving cameras, Spydercam is great for lending motion to props, lights, dollies, and people. Our general systems are single axis (Bullet), dual axes (Falcon), and multiple axes (Tallon). We don't have a prepackaged solution for your shot, because your shot is not prepackaged. Spydercam's hardware, software, and rigging is all modular. This allows us to design the best rig to realize your vision at a lower cost with a more user-friendly experience.

If you need something moved with precision, regardless of weight or speed, we can usually figure out a way to make that happen. Just give us a call or shoot us an email.

With offices in Oregon and Colorado, and equipment in Los Angles and Alanta, Spydercam systems work across the USA and the world. We really do "GO ANYWHERE". Whether your location is domestic or international, inside or outside, in a jungle or a city... we'll go there!

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