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The NextLink Advanced Products Group was formed in 1982, and is located in Tucson, Arizona, with additional R&D Engineering Offices in Pennsylvania, and its Overseas Offices and Factories. The company has developed the dreams of the future into the products of today with a well organized team of talented, innovative and pioneering professionals dedicated to the technological growth and development of high performance video communication technology products.

The mission of the NextLink Advanced Products Group is the development of advanced video communication product technology and for the advancement of video communications into the next century, with the development of new break-through technologies that will have explosive impacts in the area of leading edge high technology video communication products.

Developing high-technology hardware and software product solutions, enabling users to communicate visually with remote parties in an efficient user-friendly manner, is our current focus and prime objective. NextLink is a dynamic player in the video and audio communication industry and has successfully developed a number of highly specialized communication solutions including two totally integrated video communication / conferencing system packages for use over POTS, Internet, xDSL and LAN, with computer telephony applications and a complete line of next generation, advanced technology videotelephones, powerful long range cordless voice-data telephones and unique wireless video communication products.

The NextLink Team has over eighty years of accumulated expertise in the related fields of audio and video technologies including compression, display, digital signal processing, telephony, data communication and software/hardware optimization. In addition, we have the in house engineering skills, development resources and factory necessary to produce specialized solutions such as mobile video communication units and high performance standalone videotelephone products, with strong marketing channels to take a product into the main stream in a short period of time.

The NextLink Advanced Products Group markets its products and technology through its Authorized NextLink Technology Products Distributors, Resellers and Industry Business Partners under the NextLink® , SuperView ™, StarLink ® and StarTEL™ brand names. Products are also offered worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Channel Partners, Specialty Market Integrators, and Value-Added Resellers (VARs).

The NextLink Advanced Products Division produces an array of technology solutions and devices that enable video and audio communications and data transmission and connectivity over standard telephone lines, ISDN, wireless, cellular and internet protocol. The Company designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and supports quality, innovative software and hardware products that have a cost, performance, and time-to-market advantage.
Tucson, Arizona
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