STEAM - Client "HD Remote Viewing" Stage

STEAM - Client "HD Remote Viewing" Stage
STEAM's Stage offers LIVE, SAFE, REMOTE HD VIEWING from Anywhere in the World, so our clients save on unnecessary travel to work more efficiency from their home or office... Just like you were here! Our modern facility offers both "A La Carte" or "All-In" Packages, so you can just send the product and we'll handle the rest. Coming to the shoot... great! Our Pre-Lit, creative stage in Santa Monica comes with ample parking, direct load-in and also features comfy client facilities . We're optimized for Realistic Interiors, Beauty, Fantasy, Green/Blue Screen, Tabletop, Special Effects and Motion Control. Our "All-In" Pricing Structure INCLUDES a fully equipped, modern Grip and Lighting Package from Arri, Kino, Dedolight, Digital Sputnik and Quasar. We also include ALL standard production supplies. The space is client ready with green rooms, lunch rooms, office, meeting spaces and a kitchen. The space also INCLUDES a full digital control station that provides real time chroma-keying and live streaming worldwide. Additional in-house gear like KUKA motion control robots, RED, Phantom and Alexa Cameras are also ready to deploy for just a bit more. This is a well equipped, modern, "client friendly" stage for a great price!

Clients and crew enjoy fast internet and direct load-in access.
Stage Manager, Power, A/C, Included.
Stage has included water supply and drain for sink, on request.
Private Bathroom with Shower Included.
Large Kitchen Area Included.
All Standard Production Supplies Included (Walkies, Coolers, Tables, Chairs, Etc).
Space has Full Grid and 160amps 120/240v Power with Arctic Level A/C (Penguins Welcome!).
DMX Lighting Pre-Rigged and Ready with Luminare iPad Tablet, all Included.

FULLY INCLUDED "All-In" Lighting Package:
(2) Arri Skypanel S60s wi/Chimeras
(4) Arri L7Cs With Barndoors
(2) Kino Image L40 LED RGB Lights
(2) Kino Celeb LED Lights
(4) Kino Tegra Lights
(5) Digital Sputnik 2' RGB LED Lights (Submersible)
(2) Digital Sputnik 4' RGB LED Lights (Submersible)
(4) 4ft Quasar Bi-Color LED Tubes
(4) 2ft Quasar Bi-Color LED Tubes
(8) LED Light Blankets (5600k)
(2) Source Four Tungsten Lights
(8) Source Four Mini Tungsten Lights
(24) 6500k LED High Speed Array Lights for Phantom Shoots and Cyc Lights.
Arri 650 and 1K Fresnel Lights
Large Number of Speciality LED Fixtures (ask)

FULLY INCLUDED "All-In" All New Grip Package
(3) Jr Combo Stands
(4) Jr Stands
(2) Slider/Low Jr Stands
(12) Full C-Stands
(12) Baby C-Stands
(12) Light Stands
(4) Preemie Stands
(3) Wing Stands
Specialty Arms (Tons)
Apple Boxes (Tons)
All Grid hardware to build as needed.

(Small Fee Includes):
- Special Effects Gear: Fans, Turntables, Dry Ice Foggers, Hazers, etc...

We also have multiple camera packages in-house that include:
- Arri Alexa Mini
- Two RED Dragons
- Phantom High Speed Camera
- Specialty Prime and Optimo Zoom lenses from Zeiss, Tokina and Angenieux

Special Extras:
- High Speed KUKA Cinema Robot
- Waterproof Probe Lenses
- Cinesliders

Also available on request:
- Large Prop Inventory
- Casting and Rehearsal Space
- In-House: Art Directors, Producers, DP's, VFX Artists, Colorists and Editors.

Size Specs:
Overall Stage Area = (22'x33')=726sf
Grid Area = (22'x17')=374sf
Three Wall Cyc Overall Length=50ft
Client Green Room (Stage) = 360sf
Connected Support Room = 400sf
Client/Production Support Rooms=750sf
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2


3021 Airport Ave.
Ste. 201
Santa Monica, California 90405
Phone Numbers
(310) 636-4620 main
(310) 636-4621 fax

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