Studio 522 Productions, Inc.

Studio 522 Productions, Inc.
Studio 522 is an Emmy® award winning graphics & FX production company specializing in 3D animation and 3D interactive media. We’ve been producing 3D animation and graphics in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for over 25 years. We offer full post production services including editing, roto-scoping, wire removal, object removal and replace, SFX and color correction. If needed, we can also provide full service production including concept development, script writing, creative direction, and project management services. But our focus and greatest depth of skill is in animation – 3D, 2D or 2 ½D.

With our experienced core 522 team we can answer your questions and solve challenges before the challenges become problems. We understand what it takes to create great visual and audio content and we make sure that’s what we deliver.

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15905 N. Greenway Hayden Loop
Ste. 103
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Phone Numbers
(602) 745-2400 main
(602) 745-2403 fax

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