C2 Studio

C2 Studio
C2 Studio is a custom-built film and photography studio located in Los Angeles. Stage 1 offers the only 60’ 3 wall cyc in LA that features a flush mount 20’ computer controlled automotive turntable and available 10' x 40' DMX controlled RGBW LED lightbox.

The studio was designed and built by automotive shooter, Joe Carlson and the stage is a favorite of some of the industry’s top photographers and directors from the US, Europe and Asia. C2’s location and secure access makes it perfect for any project requiring security and privacy. In addition to confidential vehicle and product shoots the studio has hosted numerous celebrity shoots, where privacy is a top concern

A second studio is available for tabletop, inserts and sets. Stage 2 can also be
used to stage product and storage of up to 12 vehicles.
For client comfort, C2 is fully air conditioned and offers fiber wi-fi, EV charging, full kitchen, comfortable lounge, make-up room and conference area. Lighting, grip and digital equipment are also available. The studio has 800 amps of easily accessible power.
C2 Studio offers a personal level of service not found at many other stages.
Our goal is to make your project run as smoothly as possible

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1605 Mahalo Pl.
Los Angeles, California 90220
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